Colicigno Italy Location Service


I operate in Italy, based in Rome, as a Producer, Location Researcher & Manager, Production Manager offering services for Production Companies that want to shoot Movies, TV & Stills productions in Italy. I'm over 30 years experienced in the hard location researching and managing job. I can provide any kind of exterior and interior location solutions over whole Italy, with a step-by-step _ on demand _ assistance for production companies in any kind of project: from the minimal to the huge one. Furtherly, I consider absolutely important, in location research job, the quality of the presentation photos, that are taken with digital reflex cameras with professional lens set, providing an ultra-fast web presentation as much as, when required, fascinating print output. My photo archive counts over 700,000 location pictures in Italy: cities, towns, villas, country, roads, etc., daily updated, that represents a strong point in order to have a fast "in-advance" reference pix batch just few minutes after first contact … I know well how important the timing can be to get a job!!! 

Please visit the Curriculum page to see my jobs credits: CURRICULUM Francesco Colicigno

Edna Colicigno